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SAND Festival is an investigating and exploring festival, which aims to present some of the most interesting, cutting-edge, and engaging performing arts for a young audience. Each year, the festival is programmed with the basis in a theme.
In 2017, the theme is ON THE RUN. With the refugee crisis as backdrop, our goal for SAND Festival 2017 is to bring people on the run into the light. We aim to bring forward the voices that not always are heard in the public sphere – and we want to show performing arts that makes visible those that flee from war and crises.

For NOK 800,- students in Norwegian institutions can buy a package with the performances below, including acccess to the complete professional programme, and an offer for a workshop in clowning and physical comedy with Katja Brita Lindeberg.

International students are referred to the international delegate package.

Akram Chan Company (UK) – Chotto Desh
Theater Artemis (NL) – War
Doni /Solvik/Wunderkammer Produksjoner (SA/NO) – Phefumla – To Breathe
Pia Maria Roll (NO) – Run! Now!
Christine Cynn/Substans Film (US/NO) – Shooting Ourselves
Artilleriet Produksjoner (NO) – Soft Eyes

The two packages include the same performances, but with a different schedule, see details in the link, and remember to cross off all performances when you order your package.

Lilla studentpass
Grønt studentpass

Workshop with Katja Lindeberg in clowning and physical comedy
September 13: 10.00-16.00

In this workshop, Lindeberg will, based on her experience and knowledge, give the participants a way into this theatre tradition, and provide insight in how and why the theatre clown carries an important social role in the meeting with children and young people who find themselves in a hopeless and difficult situation.

We will also do a brief examination of the clown’s “bag of tricks”. Perhaps a slapstick routine, a parade with music and dance through a refugee camp or dusting with a dust mop, can be the starting point for establishing contact with both children and adults, and establishing a game.

Student price: 200,-.
Registration deadline: August 15.
Read more and buy your ticket here.

If you have any questions, contact mari[at]