Seminar: Political theatre for a young audience? Is that allowed?

September 14, 10.00 – 11.30
Teaterbaren, Kilden Teater og Konserthus / Theatre Bar, Kilden Performing Arts Centre

Political theatre for a young audience? Is that allowed?

What possibilities lie within performing arts a collective meeting place to process, discuss and reflect upon current questions in society? How far can, or should, performing arts go in leading, informing and manipulating a young audience? Which ethical and moral responsibilities do artists have in the meeting with a young audience, given the fact that the young audience does not necessarily have the prerequisite knowledge they need to ask critical questions? Will the use of eye-witnesses – the very basis of documentary theatre – as sources to tell a story from real life, make a political message more legitimate when conveyed to a young audience? We invite artists from this year’s programme who have made theatre with a political edge, to talk about aesthetical method, process and function.

Participants to be announced.