NIE (New International Encounter) (NO/UK): We Come from Far, Far Away

NIE (New International Encounter) (NO/UK): We Come from Far, Far Away
Age: from 10 years

NIE – We Come from Far, Far Away

Inside the tent there is a smaller tent, and inside the smaller tent there is a boy. He has travelled a long way. He has travelled mostly on his own. He can show you the things he has brought with him, he can tell you the reasons for his journey, he can tell about the route he has taken, he can’t tell you where the story ends …

We Come from Far, Far Away, is a theatre production based on stories from youth at Hvalstad Transittmottak – a reception centre for young refugees in a suburb to Oslo. In We come from Far, Far Away, we follow the two teenagers Omar and Abdallah when they flee from Aleppo in Syria, and until one of them arrives at Oslo Central Station.

The material for the performance is documentary, and was shared with NIE through talks and workshops. The participants’ stories are troublesome and unbelievable, but as with most  young people, they are filled with energy, life force and hope for the future.

With We Come from Far, Far Away NIE sought to establish a dialogue about children on the run in the form of a theatre performance. The context for this production is the ongoing crisis in Syria, but the goal is to say something on a more universal level about the theme. The theme for NIE’s work has always been hope, survival and life force, and in this case, the context in which the performance is presented, has been especially important with the audience profile in mind. Key words for the production is survival, fear, friendship, separation and the death of a friend.

About the production

Direction: Alex Byrne/Kjell Moberg
Performers: Robert Orr, Iva Moberg, Jean Goubert, Marina Popovic
Light Design: Šimon Kočí
Scenography: Kateřina Housková
Music: David Hlavac/NIE