Kilden Teater (NO): Potatoes Have no Wings

Kilden Teater: Potatoes have no Wings
Age: From 5 years
Venue: Dansesalen, Kilden

Potatoes have no Wings

Fridtjof and Clara awake in the morning on May 6. It is their daughter, Lela’s 13th birthday. But Lela was never more than six years old. The parents are stuck in a solidified grief, and haven’t even opened the door to their daughter’s room since her death.

Without the guest of honour, this painful day is unlike other birthdays. A potato girl shows up and turns everything upside down. The girl has run away from a factory after witnessing her parents being mashed into potato mash.

Can an orphan potato and two childless parents find their way our of the grief together?

Christina Veronica Mauers beuatiful text for the stage “Potates have no Wings”, premiered during the Dramatikkfestival in 2004. This is a story about grief, and about moving on in live. Kilden Teaters production is a visual and magical puppet theatre experience for all ages. It is about daring to counter the grief – and about the joy that rises to the surface when grief lets go. The joy of being a seed potato, or the joy of a perfect glass of lemonade.

Script: Christina Veronica Mauer
Direction: Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes
Dramaturg: Endre Sannes Hadland
Actors: Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes og Johannes Blåsternes

The performance lasts 45 minutes.