Kick off SAND International Festival 2017: Shooting Ourselves (film), and a look into Rimini Protokolls work with documentary theatre

September 12
17.00, Aladdin Red

In collaboration with Substans Film and Cinemateket in Kristiansand, SAND International Festival presents a meeting with Rimini Protokoll, the directors of the project Situation Rooms, and one of the protagonists in the film Shooting Ourselves, as a kick off for the 2017 edition of the festival – ON THE RUN.

In a storage building in Berlin, Rimini Protokoll has reconstructed 13 different rooms from different places in the world. In each room you find a stranger, all 13 have a history which is affected by violent conflict. The installation is called Situation Rooms, and is a physical multiplayer game where the participants explore tragic stories with a connection to the global arms trade. Step through one door and you’re in a street demonstration in Homs, Syria. The next door leads you to a cubicle in San Diego where a drone operator drops bombs on villagers in Waziristan, Pakistan. Go past the Russian engineer in the Iranian nuclear lab and turn left to witness a nine-year old boy in a classroom in Democratic Republic of Congo, being kidnapped to train as a child soldier.

Situation Rooms is directed by Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel, and Stefan Kaegi from the highly renowned company Rimini Protokoll.

The film Shooting Ourselves, which describes the process of making the production Situation Rooms, is directed by Christine Cynn, co-director for the Oscar nominated film The Act of Killing. Shooting Ourselves is produced by Kristian Mosvold/Substans Film.

This evening we will show Shooting Ourselves, preceding a talk between one of the protagonists of both the film and the theatre production, Yaounde Nikita. Nikita was kidnapped as a child in Congo, and was a child soldier for several years. In a panel discussion between Nikita, Helgard Haug, and Daniel Wetzel, we will get an insight into how one makes a theatre production / installation with basis in highly traumatic and distressing events, but which also goes beyond the person in question, to international relations and politics concerning an extremely flammable and debated business – the weapon industry.

The film starts at 17.00, and after the talk, the festival bar is open. The event is open for everyone.