Welcome to SAND International Festival of Performing Arts for a Young Audience in Kristiansand, Norway! The SAND Festival has concluded – and we have the pleasure of presenting the performances at SAND International Festival from September 12-16, 2017.

SAND Festival is an investigating and exploring festival, which aims to present some of the most interesting, cutting-edge, and engaging performing arts for a young audience. Each year, the festival is programmed with the basis in a theme, and in 2017, the theme is ON THE RUN. With the refugee crisis as backdrop, our goal for SAND Festival 2017 is to bring people on the run into the light. We aim to bring forward the voices that not always are heard in the public sphere – and we want to show performing arts that makes visible those that flee from war and crises. With the help of an Artistic Advisory Board consisting of Siri Løkholm Ramberg (chair), Endre Sannes Hadland, Cliff A. Moustache,  Tony Reekie,​ Vera Micaelsen,  Siemke Böhnisch, and Johan De Smet, we have chosen seven productions that in different ways reflect and discuss the theme ON THE RUN.

At SAND 2017, we will explore, through performances, seminars and workshops, the relationship between art and the society, and specifically how performing arts can comment and explore traumatic and distressing experiences for young people and children, and how art can make room for an understanding and discussion of these events for a young audience.

Program/programme 2017

See you in Kristiansand in September!