Fidget Feet (IE) and Bird & Bat (IS)

Strange Feathers is an aerial dance performance aimed at the youngest of audiences and their families. Join two birds hatching into the world, on a journey of discovery, as they hear the sounds of nature, see colors for the first time and learn to fly. Mixing exiting aerial circus, dance, live music, soft colorful lighting, and soothing sensory sounds, these friendly birds and their feathers will enthrall the whole family.






Teatro delle Briciole (IT)

Pop Up is using the pop-up animated book as the base for a beautiful and exiting theatrical experience. Micro-stories, forms and emotions are weaved together in a masterful choreography between the two performers and a bunch of pop-up books.






Teaterværkstedet Madam Bach (DK)

Creaking stairs, the taste of strawberries, the sound of birds singing in the early morning. A home is more than a roof over your head. HOME is a visual theatre performance about belonging and feeling at home – in the world and in oneself. Home is a journey that explores home as a place, a feeling, sounds. A glimpse into a small, shining world of magic and the comforts of home.





Tigerstadsteateret / Nordby produksjoner (NO)

What is it like to experience that your parents move apart? The girl you meet in “Two Homes” lives in a house with her parents. Then, suddenly, her parents have decided not to live together anymore, and her life now has two homes.  “Two Homes” is inspired by reality, and springs out of conversations between the company and young people about their experiences with this theme.







The Danish company Don Gnu is on the search of the modern man`s identity, wearing socks and worn-out sandals. “M.I.S. – All Night Long” takes measures of the modern man. How is he really doing? What happens when night falls? In a hard-boiled mix of jack-ass stunts, slapstick comedy and raw physicality three men get off the fence; out of their comfort zones to wrestle with the inner beast, the Latino lover, the pushover and the best buddy – and all the others – in a quiet battle for a man`s right to be himself.






Opgang 2 (DK)

Ragingly relevant teenage-theatre for everyone! A musical stage narrative about xenophobia and belonging.

Sara is a girl at 16. She lives with her parents in the suburbs, and spends all her time at school, with her friends and singing with the choir. A completely normal morning, Sara wakes up and is only able to speak Arabic. She thinks in Danish and understands only Danish, but the words coming from her mouth are Arabic. “Habibi” tells a story about what could happen when anxiety and mistrust move into society, into the family and fills the individual.






Kilden Theatre (NO)

“One can only, truly, see through the heart. What’s significant is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince invites the children in to a magical universe, where play meets reflection around some of the themes that kids are interested in: friendship, longing, loss and what it means to become a grown-up.







3rd year students, Bachelor in Theatre at University of Agder

FOR OTHER THINGS is a walking performance through an area that is in a process of significant transformation. The journey begins at Kilden Theatre and Concert hall, where we’ll explore the area in and around Kilden in light of actual and potential transformation. What are you for? Are you for other things?

Note: In Norwegian, the title, for other things, when arranged like this: forother things, forother becomes a word that means change or transform. There are some text in the performance, which will be in Norwegian.