Professional programme

This year’s professional programme will investigate the festival theme “The forgotten age groups: 3-6 and 13-16”. All events on the professional program are basically free and open to all.

Wednesday september 12th // University of Agder

Workshop and open lecture with GOB SQUAD

Gob Squad is a Berlin-based collective of seven British and German artists producing performances and videos which search for the beauty of everyday life. They explore the point where theater, art, media and real-life meet, and they often invite the audience to step out of their traditional role as passive spectators. The company was founded in 1994, and they tour the world with their groundbreaking productions.

Gob Squad will present their work on the production My Square Lady– the world`s first reality robot opera, which premiered in 2015. This was a co-production between Gob Squad, Komische Oper Berlin and theNeurorobotics Research Laboratory at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Read more here

Thursday September 13th, 11.00-12.30 // Konsertbaren, Kilden


In this seminar we`d like to focus on how to present performing arts to children between 3 and 6 in the kindergartens, and the seminar has a double agenda. Firstly, we`d like to discuss artistic and pedagogical strategies for presenting performing arts in the kindergartens. Secondly, we`d like to discuss the economical conditions and structural premises. Which institutions carry the main responsibility for presenting high quality arts in the kindergartens? And how is this responsibility best taken care of?

Central Norwegian players in the field will meet up for talks and a panel debate. The work language of the seminar is mainly Norwegian, but some help translating may be provided on request. Target group is pedagogues and artists, but everyone interested in the theme are welcome.

On the panel:
Ragnhild Tronstad, Kulturtanken
Sonia Loinsworth, Barnas Musikkteater
Ådne Sekkelsten, Scenekunstbruket
Bo Anders Sundstedt, Akershus Teater
The discussion will be led by Kristina Kjeldsberg, the chair of ASSITEJ Norway

Fredag 14. september, 11.00-12.30 // Konsertbaren, Kilden

“BUILDING BRIDGES GLOCALLY” – Experiences from a regional based company 

Konstellasjonen is Trondheim-based company established in 2010, and they work within the visual and physical theater. All their productions are made for touring, and because of their focus on visual and physical presentation, they can easily be performed abroad and communicate across languages and cultures. The company has performed both nationally and abroad, in countries such as Spain, Poland, France, Camerun, India, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark. Their productions are performed at schools, in kindergartens and as guest performances at institutions and festivals. Konstellasjonen was nominated for the County artist of Sør-Trøndelag in 2012 and was nominated for the Ædda award in the category contemporary project for children for their consistent and visual work for the youngest audience.

Meet Elizabeth Piro Volan and Ina Kiberg, who will share their story and give advice on how performing artists elsewhere may pursue their international ambitions through cooperation, networking and capacity building locally and regionally.

Fredag 14. september, 15.00-18.00 // Store prøvesal, Kilden


Only for teenagers!

Fredrik Høyer is a slam-poet, writer and stage performer with an education as writer from Westerdahl`s Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology and from languages at the University of Oslo. With a fascination for rap and hip-hop and jazz poetry, he mixes performance and literary punch-lines in his oral street poems. He made his debut with a collection of poems called “Grønlandssutraen” in 2016, this was also produces as a monologue at the National Theatre. He is presently a playwright-in-residence at the Norwegian Center for New Playwriting in Oslo.

Fully booked!

Thursday – Saturday // The Foyer, Kilden


Meet the artists in conversation with Mariken Lauvstad. A nice opportunity to ask the artists whatever you want, and to share and discuss your experience. Will be done in English!

Mariken Lauvstad is an actor, pedagogue, director and writer from Kristiansand. She`s educated within physical theatre and practical pedagogics and is now studying for her master in international dramaturgy at the University of Cape Town. She has worked with and for several independent groups and is especially interested in devised theatre for non-actors. Mariken is a board member of the ASSITEJ Norway.

Friday at 11:00 – Tigerstadsteateret/Nordby produksjoner (Two Homes) – NB! At Rosegården, immediately after Two Homes, at 10:00. Transport for delegates between Kilden and Rosegården will be arranged.
Thursday at 14:00 – Teatro delle Briciole (Pop Up)
Thursday at 14:30 – Opgang 2 (Habibi)

Friday at 14:00 – Madam Bach (Home)
Friday at 14:30 – Fidget Feet og Bird & Bat (Strange Feathers)

Saturday at 15:30 – DON GNU (M.I.S. – All night long), immediately after performance at the Theatre.

Thursday and Friday, Kilden


FOR OTHER THINGS is a performance where the spectators follow the actors through an area experiencing big changes. The tour starts at Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall where the performance explores the area within and outside Kilden, looking at both actual and potential transformations.

Presented by the third-year bachelor students in theatre at the University of Agder.
Artistic leader: André Eiermann.
Free, and open for all audiences.