Professional programme

Professional Programme 2017

The thematic basis for this year’s professional programme at SAND International Festival is “On the run”. With this background, SAND International Festival invites Norwegian and international professionals and artists to take part in a professional programme which is tightly connected to the festival’s performance programme.

We want to open up for debating questions like: Which children and young people are depicted on stage? Whose stories are presented for children and young people on the contemporary scene in Norway? And who are able to participate in the public debate, both through art and via other channels? How can art become a meeting place for different cultures? And what happens with art as a result? What is political theatre for children and young people? How far can, or should, art stretch to control, inform, and manipulate a young audience? What ethical and moral responsibilities rest on artists in the meeting with a young audience? How can art contribute to personal processing and cognition, especially for the young? And what does that do with our and the children’s understanding of art?

The professional programme shall discuss these complex issues through seminars, but we will also offer in depth sessions with one or more artists and experts who handle the theme in a specific way. We also open up for practical explorations of the theme, both by artists, researchers and students, and the professional programme therefore includes four seminars and practical workshops.

Workshops include workshop in clowning and physical comedy with Katja Brita Lindeberg, workshop in documentary theatre with Rimini Protokoll, and workshop in art criticism with Critics in Conversation.