Freya Sif Hestnes/Marina Popović (DK/NO): There is a Noise

Date: 12/09/2017

Time: 13:00-13:50

Location: Dansesalen, Kilden

Freya Sif Hestnes/Marina Popović (DK/NO): There is a Noise
Age: From 13 years

Do you remember any of it? is the starting point for There is a Noise. From the diary of a then 16 year-old grandmother in 1945, to a child’s escape from war in Sarajevo, to Norway today, There is a Noise examines how a personal story can be seen in a larger collective narrative and the possibilities of relating to it. The audience is invited to sit with the performers around a table, where warm waffles and stories are served.

There is a Noise is an invitation to a memory, and explores the landscape between what we know to be true, what we´ve heard and that which we can barely remember brought out by that one particular smell. It highlights the complexity in carrying a story of war and childhood, and shares the confusion and restlessness of leaving a home.

Freya Sif Hestnes and Marina Popovic met while studying at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. Through a common interest in memory, photography and personal documents, they research how certain life events manifest themselves in objects as carriers of memory. There is a Noise was their first artistic collaboration and posed the questions of how to share a memory that strongly diverge from the collective memory of the society one is a part of. Sounddesigner and musician Marianna Sangita Røe, was invited to compose a specific sound scape with the aim of a tactile, rather than a sonic experience for the audience and as a physical demand in the space.

About the production

Idea/Direction: Freya Sif Hestnes and Marina Popović
Performers: Freya Sif Hestnes and Marina Popović
Sound design: Marianna Sangita Røe
Supported by: Norwegian Theater Academy /Høgskolen i Østfold, Fritt Ord