Artilleriet Productions (NO): Soft Eyes

Artilleriet Produksjoner (NO): Soft Eyes

Age: 16-18 years
Venue: Trailer outside of Kilden

Soft eyes is a short and intense performance about the refugee crisis. The play is based on the newspaper headline “71 dead in a truck in Austria,” and is about the refugee crisis, the people that run, and the people that receive them. The performance meets the audience with facts and poetry about the greatest humanitarian crisis in years.

Soft eyes is an attempt to create a reflection space for young people, where they can process and understand the refugee crisis.

It can be a challenge to navigate in today’s flow of information, and one is quickly drawn towards the extremities. Soft Eyes is an attempt to create a room in which young people can reflect and think, where they can process and understand the flow of refugees.

The use of the truck’s cargo provides a physical entrance to the topic. Victorian costumes, kothurner and the polyphonic voice of the actors gives the audience layers to read the poetic and direct message. The truck shakes and makes noise,  it is hot and you are cramped together with others. The circumstances alone creates an understanding of what too many go through to make a better life.

The Austrian writer Stefan Zweig wrote in one of his unpublished works: Our greatest debt of gratitude to these inhumane times are they who confirms the human in us. To those who encourage us not to leave the most unique we own: our innermost self.

The project consists of a text written by Kate Pendry in light of events in recent months. The show is performed by four actors in the cargo of a trailer.

About the performance

Script: Kate Pendry
Direction: Thomas Holtermann Østgaard
Performers: Benjamin Lønne Røsler, Jenny Ellegård, João Pamplona, Jade Francis Haj
Technician, lorry driver: Mads Faste Liang Nilsen
Costumes: Lea Basch, Sigrun Lie, Inga-Live Kippersund
Produced by: Artilleriet Produksjoner
Initiated by Scenekunst Østfold/Kjell Moberg