SAND was previously named ASSITEJ. The name was changed after a naming contest in 2015.

The festival takes place every other year, and has taken place in Kristiansand, Norway since 1996.

Through the years, the ASSITEJ festival has become known as a festival with an interesting, challenging and solid academic programme. The festival has programmed several international productions of high quality, which the participants wouldn’t have been able to see if it weren’t for the festival. The Norwegian productions have also upheld a high level of quality.

Since the arrival of the festival to Kristiansand in 1996, by wishes of the local theatre community and governance, the cooperation with local partners has grown stronger and more resilient. We have commissioned productions from local artists and invited the youth of Kristiansand to participate in workshops and performances. This way, we have participated to the local community with talent development and a strengthening of the professional community. Our local colleagues express their appreciation of the inspiration and academic refill the festival brings.

Previous festivals ASSITEJ-festivalen 2013