Artistic advisory board

The artistic advisory board shall ensure the quality of the festival’s programme, and consists of highly qualified members from the field of performing arts. The artistic advisory board shall, in cooperation with the festival administration, create both a scenic and vocational programme within the festival theme, which will be explored during the course of the festival in perfomances, seminars and work shops.

In 2018, the artistic council consists of:

Siri Dybwik – Professor of contemporary dance at Stavanger University. She began as a choreographer in 1990, and she’s been the director of the company dybwikdans since 1999. Siri Dybwik is a board member of Assitej Norway.

Toril Solvang – Playwright and director.

Endre Sannes Hadland – Dramaturg at Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall.

Festival producer Theis Irgens is the secretary for the artistic council.