Artistic advisory board

The artistic advisory board shall ensure the quality of the festival’s programme, and consists of highly qualified members from the field of performing arts. The artistic advisory board shall, in cooperation with the festival administration, create both a scenic and vocational programme within the festival theme, which will be explored during the course of the festival in perfomances, seminars and work shops.

Artistic Advisory Board 2017 consists of the following members:

Siri Løkholm Ramberg (chair), Siemke Böhnisch, Endre Sannes Hadland, Vera Micaelsen, Cliff A. Moustache, Tony Reekie, Johan De Smet, Hege Knarvik Sande.

Siri Løkholm Ramberg has her education from the University of Bergen, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Århus University. Løkholm Ramberg has worked as dramaturge at Oslo Nye Teater since 2014. She has worked as dramaturge at Den Nationale Scene, Nordland Teater, and in the independent theatre groups Teaterterminalen and Happy Gorilla Dance Company. Ramberg has been on the board of ASSITEJ Norway since 2014.

Siemke Böhnisch (Ph.D.) is associate professor in theatre at the University of Agder, and leader of the research group Kunst i kontekst (Art in a context). I 2014 she was awarded with the prize «Best article in a periodical» for the research article «Å gi Breivik en scene? – Scenekunst etter 22. juli.»

Endre Sannes Hadland is dramaturg at Kilden Teater

Vera Micaelsen is an author and writer. She works with “The Cultural Rucksack” in Kulturtanken. She has her background as film consultant, project manager, producer, and has for many years worked in The Norwegian Broadcasting Company, ranging from presenter to project manager. Art for children and young people has been the focus for her entire career.

Cliff A. Moustache, Director &Artistic Director of Nordic Black Theatre. Moustache is born in Seychelles Islands, studied in England, Poland & Czechia, and created Nordic Black Theatre together with Jarl Solberg while Norway did not have the capacity to prepare the new generation for a future in the field of Art. Moustache has written a few plays and directed over 50 plays, 10 shorts films, and a couple of music videos. He works both on the national and international stage, in England, South Africa, Vietnam, Indian to mention a few. Among other projects, Moustache has staged Romeo & Julie with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra & Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, and colloborated with the Oslo Opera House.

Amalie Nilssen is theatre manager at Agder Teater. She has worked for ten years as theatre manager in Haugesund, and has her education in acting from the Guilford School of Acting. Nilssen has also worked as director and script writer, and has worked with productions like the musicals “Les Miserables” and “Hello-Goodbye”.

Tony Reekie has worked with Imaginate, a producing and development organisation in Scotland, for twenty one years, dedicating himself to the development of performing arts for children and young people in Scotland, with an aim to ensuring that every child had access to the highest possible quality work on a regular basis.
Reekie left Imaginate in 2015 after directing 20 festivals. He now works as programmer, producer and advisor for a variety of organisations including Arts Space for Kids, Shanghai, China, The Spark Festival, Leicester, England, Theatre Lyra in Edinburgh, Scotland and Hullabaloo in Darlington, England.

Johan De Smet

Hege Knarvik Sande is project manager for SAND Festival and artistic advisor for ASSITEJ Norway. Sande holds an MA in Theatre Science from the University of Oslo, and has for many years worked as producer and project developer in the research project SceSam. Sande has written several articles about Norwegian art politics, and as a board member in the association “Drama and Theatre pedagogues”, she has had a specific focus on the art education in Norwegian schools.