Performances, September 16

Note: some performances may be sold out

Kilden Teater (NO): Potatoes have no Wings

Date: 16/09/2017

Time: 13:00-13:50

Location: Dansesalen, Kilden

There is death in life, and life in death. Our lives are richer when death is a factor. About the meeting between a desperate potato on the run from the mashed potatoes factory, and a couple grieving the loss of their daughter Lela. When the story begins, she has been dead for exactly six years. Potatoes have no Wings is a simple story about the difficulty of moving on. It’s a story of needing help, and about the joy when the sorrow finally lets go.

Theater Artemis (NL): War

Date: 16/09/2017

Time: 13:00-13:50

Location: Intimsalen, Kilden

We wish we had something sensible to say.
But a war is too big a thing even for us.
We are just here to make a show.

Something about a balloon slowly deflating, a nose  bleeding, little helicopters falling down from a tree, a shower crying, audience members shooting and three soldiers roller-skating and talking backwards.

Akram Khan Company (UK): Chotto Desh

Date: 16/09/2017

Time: 17:00-17:50

Location: Multisalen, Kilden

Akram Khan’s DESH was an instant hit with audiences and critics alike when it was first presented in 2011. Now, Akram Khan Company and director Sue Buckmaster of Theatre-Rites have adapted Khan’s much-loved production specifically for children aged 7+/8+ and their families. Chotto Desh, meaning ‘small homeland’, draws on Khan’s unique quality of crosscultural storytelling, creating a compelling tale of a young man’s dreams and memories from Britain to Bangladesh. Using a unique mix of dance, text, visuals and sound, Chotto Desh celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in the modern world and promises to be a magical, thrilling and poignant dance theatre experience for families to enjoy together.